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Thinking about your future can be overwhelming.  You don’t know where to look, and your parents, teachers, and friends are probably telling you what to do and where to go.  The truth is, it is all right here in Northwest Indiana!  The get-IN website will help you discover your best options.  Then, we will show you where you need to get-IN to your dream career.

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get-IN is Northwest Indiana's Online Home for Career Guidance, Awareness, and Exploration.

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Looking for the Community Workforce Compact?

This is the Community Workforce Compact!

We've changed our approach and refocused our efforts.Our primary focus is to provide direction and resources for one of the most difficult choices a person will ever make: What am I going to do with my life?

get-IN is the new home of career guidance, awareness and exploration for Northwest Indiana.

Career Web

Learn about the industries and careers in demand in Northwest Indiana.  The Career Web has profiles of the leading industry clusters for our region and career ladders within those clusters.  You can learn about entry level positions and where your career can go with the right experience and education.

Career Exploration

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: The Career Exploration section will help you take the first steps to become a success!  Learn about the language of career planning and the key terms, concepts, and principles that will start you on your path to that dream career.


Read the current and past issues of our twice-monthly e-newsletter: IN-demand career beat! Our newsletter helps students, parents, and teachers learn about high-wage, high-demand careers in the most important industries of Northwest Indiana. Learn great tips on how to prepare for life after school, how to encourage your child to make an informed career decision, and about important industry trends.


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